Who is Marijane Baker? #PerfectClouds Contest Judge on 420!

Who is Marijane Baker? #PerfectClouds Contest Judge on 420!

We first met Marijane Baker through that 420 Radio Show … and we’ve been Shatterizing together ever since. Her photography has been shared around the world on behalf of our growing brand. We were just amazed at how she captured the Shatterizer and more so the scenic landscape #PerfectClouds.

Caneta Shatterizer en primeira mao – in Maryuana.com Brazil.

She captures everything so beautifully and she’s beautifully captured. She brings her sunny disposition, warmth and fiery enthusiasm everywhere she goes … please check out the Toronto Sun’s 4/20 Edition, it’s coming up!

Please don’t miss this social media maven on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and on that 420 Radio Show. Stay tuned for her most recent interview with Cheech and Chong, she certainly has a way with media and a fabulous sense of humour.

As an artist, activist, an educator, a teacher she’s involved in so many different fields of cannabis. Please see her hostessing a launch party for PeaceMaker420 on launch day for Shatterizer Silver and Shatterizer Black, officially now available in aluminum.

With all of her experience with cannabis she sheds light. You can find Marijane Baker at a local hydroponics shop - consulting with clients as well as working with a non-profit that connects patients to doctors to legally obtain grow licenses. She listens and learns and loves the whole dimension of the indoor gardening and growing!

Check out these two amazing sites and specialized sources. BMA Hydroponics, located in beautiful Belleville, Ontario,  and the Canadian Therapeutic Cannabis Partners (CTCP). CTCP a non-profit organization dedicated to achieving Compassionate Access to Cannabis as a medicine and committed to changing the way that Cannabis is accessed in Canada through affirmative action.

She has an intrinsic way of communicating wellness is committed to the businesses of cannabis and creativity. For this modern-day mom on the go, she’s really busy so we were thrilled to catch up with her, but first catch her on this video:

Marijane Baker, Shatterizer Silver or Shatterizer Black?

Depends on where I am going and what I am wearing …

CTECH Ceramic and Dual Quartz Coil?

Ceramic I find easier to clean … and I like a clean unit …

What do you Look for in #PerfectClouds?

Something standout from the rest, that will make me remember the cloud.
I can hardly wait to see what people are going to do for the PerfectClouds contest with Dog Pound, at the HotBox Café Block Party.

What’s the most surprising thing about interviewing and spending time with Cheech & Chong?

What they said about the Trailer Park Boys … but for that you are going to have to tune in to that 420 Radio Show! Where the interview is going to be revealed!


Who Do you look up to in the industry?

Amy Anonymous – she does a great job, staying funny, balancing her career between Swearnet (She’s So F-ing Funny), providing education and cooking … After all ... Baker is my last name! I admire that Amy juggles her family life too. Mad respect to a hard working single mom. I also love how much she gives back to the community.

What are you most looking forward to celebrating on 420?

Thrilled to be judging the #PerfectClouds 420 Contest with #DogPound!
Broadcasting LIVE on the 420Radio @ the legendary 420 Hot Box Block
party, will be a blast. I hope everyone can come to the Hot Box Café & Lounge! Celebrations start at 1pm!

Tells us about April 21 Spaghetti Dinner and Bazarr

Organized by Kelly Kush, you can join us for a delicious homemade pasta dinner in St. Catherine’s with our friends, including a bazarr. I love supporting grassroots community events!

Check out all these links below and make sure to join us at the 420 Hot Box Block Party Coming up!

Make sure to check out:


Photography by the SUN's JACK Boland

April 20, 2018 - 420 Radio Show – on Lifestyle Radio: http://www.420radio.ca/

April 21, 2018 Spaghetti Dinner And Bazarr: https://www.facebook.com/events/212760655970437/

BMA Hydroponics: https://www.bmahydroponics.com/bma-hydroponics/

Canadian Therapeutic Cannabis Partners: https://www.canadiantherapeuticcannabispartners.com/

You can always connect with Marijane Baker through social:

Marijane Baker Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarijaneBaker420
Marijane Baker Twitter: https://twitter.com/Marijane_Baker
Marijane Baker Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marijane_baker420/