Women TrailBlazers & #RNMKRTalks

Women TrailBlazers & #RNMKRTalks

With the High!Canada team in Saskatoon for HempFest and in Vancouver for International Cannabis Business Conference, we were happy to blaze with trail blazing women brought together by #RNMKRTalks.

Thank you to orchestrator Corey, hostess Irie, and all the gal given leadership advice. It was inspirational to hear cannabis career stories and paths to power.

Each brilliant guest had 10 minutes to light it up and speak freely. The top ten highlighted learnings from the femmeprenuers onstage were invaluable … to PROVE YOUR VALUE and pull up your boots, get dirty, over come stoner stigmas, welcome everyone, focus on social responsibility, boredom IS scary, when in doubt say yes, have confidence, have blind faith!

Everyone engaged had an excellent sense of humour and spoke to meeting challenges with style and grace… The ambitious attendees in addition to laughing, like squirrels, objects that shine and were all genuinely centered around rolling out more opportunities for advancement and positive progression of the pot industry.

Learn more about the RNMKR Agency here: https://www.facebook.com/RNMKRPR/

Connect with Corey here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coreyherscu/

Check out Irie here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/irieselkirk/

Catch High!Canada’s “Women of Weed” WOW section monthly: https://www.highcanada.net/homepage

Thank You for the inspiring #Shatterizing session = blaze on trailblazers!