High Tyler Green of the United Kingdom!

High Tyler Green of the United Kingdom!

Please see this great video of Perfect Clouds from Tyler Green of the United Kingdom! Tyler is the founder of I-Smoke Media, a cannabis activist and a vaporizer expert.

He loves cannabis concentrates and so do we! Tyler has created the UK’s #1 cannabis media channel – check out his review with new coils!

Tyler we are thrilled you like the taste of your Shatterizer’s new QDC coils! We love the feeling of fresh coils too! For those new to #TeamShatterizer our coils average about 3 weeks usage (or longer) depending on cleaning ritual and frequency!

About 2/3 of our clients like Quartz Dual Coil with a 510 thread. We personally like the density of cloud from the QDC coil type. We include two coils in your Shatterizer Starter Kit, along with the coil caps which guide air flow and prevent oil sputter/waste.   

More and more of Shatterizer’s vape family are liking the CTECH –our ceramic option. It’s dish style and easy to clean as well. For anyone in the United Kingdom looking for #PerfectClouds our CTECH and QDC coils come in convenient affordable 5 packs RIGHT HERE.

Team Shatterizer Tip & Tricks: If you like the full flavour or extracts like Tyler, and are searching for different flavours in your selection of extracts – you can keep your strains separate and transportable by loading different coils and keeping them in the 5 pack box. Also, if you get a chance, check out these cleaning instructions from the inventor: it’s easy to do and it will keep your Shatterizer operating like new!

#PerfectClouds across the #UnitedKingdom … the cannabis community grows around the globe!

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