New for Summer!

New for Summer!

We’ve got good news all summer Shatterizer family, right until the end of summer and into fall of 2022! It’s always perfect weather and #PerfectClouds!

We have two NEW limited edition camouflage, snap-back, black billed HATS, coming with a PINK Shatterizer Logo or ORANGE Shatterizer Logo!

Top-notch, discreet, especially in the forest, this NEW fashionable hat is perfect for year-round #PerfectClouds … remember we are always OPEN for ALL HOLIDAZE year-round too! 

Please visit Shatterizer Extracts NEWS to see what’s in the pipeline and a perfect pairing for our original Shatterizer battery!

Our original battery (for our Glass or Aluminum Black/Silver Globed Shatterizers) matches perfectly with all 510 vape cartridges (if you remove atomizer base first) …

and especially with our new 100% pure 8 Ball Kush Shatter 510 vape cartridge!
Launching SEPTEMBER 2022 
We are excited to share this Shatterizer Extracts NEWS!

We do not recommend using 510 carts with our BUBBLER battery because of the new UPLIGHTING Feature …
Please see our Light Guide, for brightly LIT #PerfectClouds!

Triple your #PerfectClouds with our Triple Quartz Coil and Triple Quartz Caps.  
One QTC and one QTC cap is included with the
NEW BUBBLER by Shatterizer Kit!

See our triple quartz coil demonstrated above!
Learn more about the QTC Coils and QTC Caps HERE!

We are predicting #PerfectClouds for the rest of Summer #Shatterizer Family!