Click, Blink & Light Guide

Welcome to the Shatterizer Family!

Your BUBBLER by Shatterizer comes with a highly visible up lighting feature and partially charged and ready to use right out of the case!  

Click Guide
5 Clicks On
5 Clicks Off
2 Clicks Pre-Heat Function On
1 Click Pre-Heat Function Off
3 Clicks Variable Voltage temperature change

Blink Guide
3 Blinks – Variable Voltage change confirmation
3 Blinks – Unscrewed Coil, Base, Atomizer Alert 
5 Blinks – Change Coil 
8 Blinks – Auto Shut Off for 15 second heat option 
10 Blinks – Charge Battery

Light Guide
Red light On when plugged in and recharging
Red light Off when fully charged

Variable Voltage Settings 
Green – HIGH – 30 Watt – 4.2 V
Blue – MEDIUM – 25 Watt – 3.8 V
Red – LOW – 20 Watt – 3.2 V

UP LIGHTING - Flickering Light – Breathing Light – IN USE  

Watch this Video now to GUIDE you through the perfect BUBBLER Experience!

Please make sure to follow our Water Filling Instructions for first time BUBBLER use  or start with our original borosilicate glass globe to enjoy #PerfectClouds right away! 

New to Shatterizing? Here are our BUBBLER by Shatterizer User Instructions:

  • Click silver button 5 times rapidly, within two seconds, to turn ON and OFF
  • Battery top (up lighting feature) will glow red while charging and will stop when fully charged
  • Flashing light will occur to alert if atomizer is not screwed in correctly, battery is drained or coil is burnt out
  • For 15 second pre-heat feature click button twice, up light will glow green while heating. Click 1 time to stop feature
  • To vary temperature, click silver button 3 times quickly:

Low Temp = Red 
20 Watt – 3.2 V

Medium Temp = Blue
25 Watt – 3.8 V

High Temp = Green
30 Watt – 4.2 V

  • Light will flash 8 times at 15 second continuous heat cut off point
  • Push button and inhale for #PerfectClouds

Enjoy our full length BUBBLER by Shatterizer feature video below!