Congratulations on your BUBBLER Concentrates Vaporizer, #PerfectClouds in your forecast!

Welcome to our Shatterizer Family! We hope you get the highest level of enjoyment from our newest bubbling water invention!

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  If we haven’t covered something you want to know about, please contact us info@shatterizer.com. You can always call our Toll-Free Customer Service Hotline: 1-855-678-8273 (VAPE) between the hours of 10:00 am - 10:00 pm EST.

Please visit our BUBBLER Page – HERE!

What’s the BUBBLER story …

The BUBBLER by Shatterizer is perfection, the finest tuned invention and the best yet, from the Matterizer, President, Co Founder of Shatterizer. Matt Zysman has been perfecting the final innovative design for over a year now, sharing only with our Shatterizer Family and friends (and hiding it from photos). The BUBBLER by Shatterizer is a “self-regulating” borosilicate glass water feature attachment offering the highest level of enjoyment every where and all the time. 

This perfect all-inclusive BUBBLER by Shatterizer Kit, will blow your cannabis concentrates and extracts vaporizing experience out of the water.  We travelled with the BUBBLER prototype (and various accessories) across CANADA and the USA, and we are proudly certified by our friends in the international community.

We are pleased make this exclusive announcement, to launch the BUBBLER by Shatterizer around the globe, to our family and friends first. We love it, You loved it, so here it is!


How do you fill the BUBBLER with Water?

Want to get started right away! Perfect, the battery comes charged out of the protective case...You will have everything you need except for the element of water - here are the water filling instructions. If you don't have access to water and are on the go with your concentrates and extracts ready to go - simply use our original glass top!

What’s sooooooooo NEW about the BUBBLER by Shatterizer kit …

  • EVERYTHING for the BUBBLER by Shatterizer comes in a NEW protective travel case 
  • The battery is larger (18650), more empowered (1400 mAh) with bright up lighting 
  • There’s a divider in the magnetic container and the top is ridged to screw on and off
  • QTC Coil, Quartz Triple Coil, triple the heat element for vaporization
  • The NEW Shatterizer Base keeps vaporizer standing up and in place to showcase as a desktop
  • Dab stick is engraved and double-sided with diamond pick and scoop

The QTC coils replacement 5 packs are the only BUBBLER kit item to be soil separately at this time. The complete family of Shatterizer coils are interchangable and enjoyable. Learn more about all our accessories HERE!

AND the NEWEST BUBBLER Water Feature attachment blows it out of the water with the highest level of enjoyment and #PerfectClouds.   

Will the BUBBLER & Base fit with my original Shatterizer model? 

NO, The BUBBLER by Shatterizer, requires a more powerful battery for the innovative water feature attachment, offering larger draws, with a base for desktop mode and a case for portability!


Why is this a 2 in 1 model? And how do I travel with the BUBBLER?

The BUBBLER by Shatterizer is a true Portable Desktop hybrid model vaporizer. With the new case, new base, new BUBBLER water feature and original glass globe top, and two coils, look for #PerfectClouds anywhere you travel every where you go.   You get the best of both worlds, any where all the time. The BUBBLER by Shatterizer Case is lifestylish, hard on the outside, soft on the inside! It’s protective, durable and perfect for portable convenience, and a real case of fashion meets function.

The Shatterizer Base keeps your BUBBLER upright and in place, showcased on your desktop, kitchen tabletop or patio table. We recommending moving the magnetic storage container while in the base. 

What bubbles best in the BUBBLER?

Over 20 cannabis concentrates and extract bubble best in the BUBBLER. It all comes down to your personal preference. Please do NOT use dry cannabis (herb or flower) or hash in any of your Shatterizer vaporizers ever (we concentrate on extracts), except full melt bubble hash … SHATTER always tastes perfect.

These cannabis concentrates and extracts generate #PerfectClouds every time in Shatterizers: Diamonds are a Shatterizer’s Best Friend and so is, Wax, Sugar, Sauce - Terps & Diamonds, Sap, Rosin, Resin, Live Resin, HTE High Terpene Extracts, Honey Comb, Full Spectrum Extracts, Full Melt Bubble Hash, Distillate, Diamonds Crystalline THCa or CBD, Crumble, CBD Isolate, Butane Hash Oil (BHO), Budder, and Badder.

CTECH? QTC? QDC? LMNOP?… what Shatterizer Accessories work?

The new BUBBLER battery is compatible with Shatterizers complete family of accessories including... CTECH coils, QDC coils, NEW QTC coils, S POD coils, Aluminum Silver Globe tops and Aluminum Black Globe tops. 

Shatterizer QR Code APP? What’s that!

We invite you to authenticate your BUBBLER by Shatterizer Kit NOW and get immediate digital access to FUN customized videos, instructions, information and real-time good Shatterizer Family News! This NEW customer service online experience is activated by your unique serial code on Shatterizer QR Code sticker you scratch off. Thank you for joining our Shatterizer Family! To learn more visit: https://shatterizer.ca/pages/shatterizer-app

How do I turn my BUBBLER by Shatterizer Vaporizer on?

Click 5 times rapidly to turn on or off. Here’s our full click, blink and light guide. We hope you like our NEW highly visible flashy up lighting.  Your vaporizer comes well protected in the new Lifestylish Shatterizer Case and is partially charged, so as soon as you receive it, you are good to go! Please read your BUBBLER Booklet, for water filling instructions, crystal clear cleaning instructions and more … Please activate your Shatterizer App QR Code to authentic your product and get access to videos and more good news …

What’s in my BUBBLER by Shatterizer Kit?

BUBBLER by Shatterizer Kit & CASE CONTENTS

1 – BUBBLER Water Feature Attachment
1 – Shatterizer Base
1 - Shatterizer Original Borosilicate Glass Globe Top
1 – BUBBLER Battery with Atomizer Base and Up Lighting 
1 – Shatterizer Quartz Triple Coil (QTC) with coil cap
1 – Shatterizer Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) with coil cap
1 – BUBBLER by Shatterizer Magnetic Silicone Lined Storage Container with divider
1 – Double-sided and engraved Dab Tool
1 – Micro - USB Charging Cord
1 – BUBBLER by Shatterizer Booklet

I spilt water on, can’t find, lost a page of my BUBBLER by Shatterizer Booklet…

Download Your BUBBLER Booklet digitally HERE!


What’s NOT in my BUBBLER by Shatterizer Kit?

Your BUBBLER by Shatterizer Kit comes with everything you need, except the kitchen sink. You will need a sink and access to fresh cool running water to fill the BUBBLER, and warm running water to clean the BUBBLER.

The offer two 2 coils and caps, the Quartz Triple Coil (QTC) which is NEW and the standard Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) and matching caps. All Shatterizer replacement coils come in convenient 5 packs and so do the coil caps!

This desktop/portable vaporizer with water feature is completely compatible with all Shatterizer brand coil options and accessories. Including Shatterizer CTECH coils (ceramic), and S PODs (all sold separately) and as well as our engraved Hybrid, Sativa or Indica caps. 

Coils generally last 2-3 weeks or longer depending on usage and cleaning care...  

Read more about our Shatterizer CTECH Ceramic coils offered
Read more about our Shatterizer Quartz Dual Coils QDC coils offered.
Read more about our Shatterizer S Pods (refillable carts) offered.



Our NEW QTC Quartz Triple Coils are offered HERE!
Our reusable and easily cleanable custom QTC Caps are offered HERE!

I don’t ever want to run out of BUBBLER by Shatterizer battery power – How do I optimize the energy life?

Our lithium ion 18650, with 1400 mAh battery has an automatic shutoff so the battery won’t drain if you are not using it. Think of your Shatterizer battery like your cell phone battery, try not to let it completely drain.

Charge the battery alone, please remove the borosilicate glass top and coil while charging. When charging the silver power button and base lighting will glow RED and shut off when fully charged. 

How long does the Shatterizer battery last?

A long time – on the very first charge (after a 3 hour plug in) the BUBBLER by Shatterizer lasted over 40 hours delivering the highest level of enjoyment on the highest setting - GREEN.

What is the pre-heat function for and how do I use it?

The NEW BUBBLER by Shatterizer vape pen battery has increased power and special features. The 3 Stage Variable Voltage lithium-ion battery has 1400 mAh. The BUBBLER battery includes a new “pre-heat” function - holding at 1.8V and reaching approximately 400 F. The 15 second pre-heat feature allows you to do a 15 second inhalation without pushing the power button. Click button twice to engage pre-heat function and the button and base light will glow orange until 15 seconds is complete. Click once to shut off at anytime. 

What is that container thing on the base of my battery and what is it for?

You can keep your favourite cannabis concentrates and extracts products in it and please do! At the bottom there is a magnetic built-in silicone lined storage container to make travelling much easier. It’s divided so you don’t have to be divided on the products you can take with you. Take two …

What is a 3 Stage Variable Voltage battery?

The 3 Stage Variable Voltage feature allows you to find your ideal vapor density and intensity for the highest level enjoyment and bubbles. The BUBBLER by Shatterizer battery is made of lithium-ion (18650) and it’s 1400 mAh and ranges in settings between:

RED the lowest setting (3.2 V or 20 Watt)
BLUE the medium setting (3.8 V or 25 Watt)
GREEN the highest setting (4.2 V or 30 Watt)

Please only use the RED setting for S POD ceramic refillable oil coils! Find our specialty guide HERE.

Why are there 3 different lights? How do I change between settings?

Please enjoy our new up lighting feature. To change temperatures click the silver power button 3 times until it changes to your preferred setting color through strength sequence. Different customers like different temperatures for different products– depending on your preference for vapor. We invite you to experiment between the different levels in order to determine which taste, mouth feel and inhalation intensity and vapor density you prefer. 

Where is the power button? And what's a mouthpiece ... 

Why would I change temperatures?

What are you looking for in the “heaviness of a hit” or “density of the cloud?” You can remember the higher the temperature, the larger the hit… but it will always be #PerfectTaste and everyone’s #PerfectClouds are perfect!

Watch our BUBBLER Guide Now ... 

Why the continuous heat option for 15 seconds?

The BUBBLER by Shatterizer has a continuous heat option for 15 seconds (with automatic shut-off) for those who want to take really, really, really long and deep inhalations and blowing huge bubbles and #PerfectClouds!

I need your newest BUBBLER by Shatterizer Product Info – SPEC SHEET?

Please download our BUBBLER by Shatterizer spec sheet (with photography) here.

How do I clean my double-sided dab stick?

Wipe it down with alcohol!

How do I clean my BUBBLER by Shatterizer – what do I do?

Please read our “Crystal Clear Cleaning Instructions HERE.  It is super easy to do and will take about 15 minutes. It’s also important because you always want the fullest flavour profile of your cannabis concentrates and extracts and clearest air flow and water flow for optimized, big, fluid, fast, buoyant BUBBLER Bubbles.

If your borosilicate glass attachment and water is cloudy that is a great sign and if there’s residue that’s natural, but please don’t let it build up. Thank You.

You’ve been using your BUBBLER water feature attachment, and using it to the highest level of enjoyment and cleaning regularly is proper glass etiquette. We recommend always using fresh cool water and to fill your BUBBLER and clearing it of water post use, apres session. 

How can I be part of the BUBBLER Shatterizer Family?

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Please contact us info@shatterizer.com. You can always call our Toll-Free Customer Service Hotline: 1-855-678-8273 (VAPE) between the hours of 10:00 am - 10:00 pm EST.