Spring of #PerfectClouds!

Spring of #PerfectClouds!

Spring has Sprung … Spring is marching forward - perfect clouds ahead ... We can hardly wait to celebrate and we’re BUBBLIN’ with excitement for warmer weather in the forecast …    

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It seems like everyone’s doing their Spring Cleaning Shatterizer family to prepare for 420...Spring into watching our NEW crystal-clear video on how to clean your NEW BUBBLER by Shatterizer for even fresher and more flavourful #PerfectClouds!

To keep #PerfectClouds in the air and enjoy this spring to the fullest watch this refresher video to see how we professionally clean our all our Original vaporizers too…
Enjoy these #PerfectCleaning Instructions via video … Keeping your Shatterizer clean (NOT sticky, oily, or gunky) ensures the #PerfectTaste of your extracts each and every time! You can also easily and essentially clean and maintain your coils - to prolong use and preserve flavors. Replace coils every 2-3 weeks!

All of our coils are compatible and interchangable with our NEW BUBBLER! Some dedicate certain strains to certain individual coils… using different extracts on specific coils. We’ve got QDC Coils and CTECH Coils and a selection of engraved coil caps too! 

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