Thank You Karma Cup 2019

Thank You Karma Cup 2019

Shatterizer #VapeFam we loved enjoying #PerfectClouds with you all weekend at one of our favourite events, the Karma Cup …

Sarah, Josh, elite volunteers we love you!

Thank you for hosting an event year after year that truly brings together the best of the #CannabisCommunity, both in people and products!

Thank you to everyone who came by, said HIGH and celebrated the launch of Project “S” … more exciting info online to come!

To all the Karma Cup participants, judges and attendees’ thanks for sharing the #VapeLove!

An extra special thank you to J.Frost … J.Frost it was wonderful to see you, LIVE. Check out J.Frost’s engagement with MUMM – Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana and Harvestfest … and watch Cannabis Corner, LIVE three f-ing times a day from Lewisport, Newfoundland.

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