10 Easy Steps to Getting Started Shatterizing with your Shatterizer!

10 Easy Steps to Getting Started Shatterizing with your Shatterizer!

10 Easy Steps to Getting Started Shatterizing with your Shatterizer!

Your Shatterizer has come fully assembled, but please read these step by step instructions carefully to enjoy!  Congratulations and welcome to our Shatterizing community!

  1. Open your Shatterizer Starter Kit and please recycle the plastic wrap around your reusable Shatterizer package - included storage/travel box – and prepare yourself for the enjoyment of perfect clouds!

  2. Take your Shatterizer 3 Stage Variable Voltage battery and Micro-USB port with Pass-Thru technology and plug it into your preferred power source. It will glow red until it completes charging and take approximately 3 hours. You may or may not want to charge your Shatterizer with the glass top on. To remove the glass twist gently and pull, place back into the storage box.

  3. Once your Shatterizer battery is charged, it is time to fill the QDC or CTECH coils. Remove the Shatterizer’s coil cap and use your dab tool provided to place approximately 3 mm of shatter directly to the coils. This is approximately the size of 2 grains of rice, one drop of rain….

  4. Place coil cap back on your Shatterizer coils to help with airflow.

  5. Gently slide the borosilicate glass top over the firmly attached coil cap and coils, all the way to the base of the battery. Please ensure they are connected tightly.

  6. Press the silver power button 5 times to turn the Shatterizer on.

  7. Select your preferred shatterizing heat temperature by clicking the power button 3 times to vary the settings.
  8. Place mouth on resin mouthpiece and inhale while pushing silver power button down.   

  9. Exhale and enjoy the Shatterizer’s perfect clouds, each and every time!

  10. Repeat steps 1-9 and enjoy …Thank you again for Shatterizing!
Interested in learning more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Official Cleaning Instructions as shared by the Shatterizer inventor!


  • Margaret Carson

    This product is my first intro to medicinal vapor meds. I would not have believed how pain free it can help me

  • Luis

    Great product, excellent service! I will recommend it to friends. Also a Canadian product!

  • Jason

    Have tried a few liquid vaps and never cared much for them. Tried this today and well …now I’m a proud owner. Could not be happier at the moment…or more stoned!

  • Patricia Scriver-Allen

    Great product. Checked it out at this year’s Karma Cup??

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