#PerfectClouds & Sunshine Rockstar Shatterizer Family!

#PerfectClouds & Sunshine Rockstar Shatterizer Family!

Rockstar Shatterizer Family, it’s going to be the Perfect Summer filled with #PerfectClouds! We’ve got good news all summer Shatterizer family… right until the end of summer and into fall! It’s #PerfectClouds & SUNSHINE, all the time!

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We are excited to share this Shatterizer Extracts NEWS!

From sunrise to sunset this summer, all day and all night, everywhere and all the time we’re blowing it out of the water and making a Splash with our BUBBLER by Shatterizer. From the beach to the park or even the cottage!


Let's keep SOCIAL on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Our UP LIGHTING Feature on the BUBBLER = Lit UP & Up Lit perfection …
Please see our Light Guide, for brightly LIT #PerfectClouds!
erfect Clouds Watch Below!

We have team #Shatterizer snap-back, billed HATS, Camouflage with a PINK Shatterizer Logo, and our classic Shatterizer Red Logos on dark grey, navy blue, black & white too!  We’ve got your Shatterizing Summer Accessories ALL RIGHT HERE: http://bit.ly/AccessoriesByShatterizer

And we are always, open all holidaze and with perfect clouds in the forecast. Shatterizer Family, we’re OPEN each and every day of the SUMMER and for all Holidaze! We expect, predict and forecast ONLY #PerfectClouds on the horizon...

Whether it’s the evening or weekend, a statutory holiday or on your summer holiday (ENJOY), please email us anytime from anywhere at info@shatterizer.com for the highest-level of Shatterizing Service!

Also, Our original battery (for our Glass or Aluminum Black/Silver Globed Shatterizers) matches perfectly with all 510 vape cartridges (if you remove atomizer base first) … and especially with our new 100% pure 8 Ball Kush Shatter 510 vape cartridge!100 % Hand Filled with LOVE and Shatter Only!
Look for heart shaped #PerfectClouds!

You can also Triple your #PerfectClouds with our Triple Quartz Coil and Triple Quartz Caps for #PerfectClouds, #PerfectClouds & #PerfectClouds!  
One QTC and one QTC cap is included with the
NEW BUBBLER by Shatterizer Kit!

We are predicting #PerfectClouds for the rest of Summer #Shatterizer Family! We're going to be BUBBLIN' with good news to share all Summer right into fall Rockstar #Shatterizer Family! May your days be filled with #PerfectClouds!

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