Vaporizers and the Shatterizer Competition

Vaporizers and the Shatterizer Competition

Here at Shatterizer we really do love all vaporizers, we sell everything from Yocan, to PAX to the Firefly, from PuffCo Plus to the G Pro … But it just so happens we love ours The Shatterizer, just a whole lot more. It’s been designed with love and thought, it’s the sum of all our favourite parts and no offense, it’s our opinion… As all the fine cannabis consumers in the community have opinions and we appreciate them… we have ours.  

In fact, you may like to have multiple vaporizers and have certain ones for certain occasions. I personally have over 12 vape pens in my collection … You may have burnt some out (not had the replacement parts or right customer service) or quite frankly, you may have a curated collection of the finest technology and have dared to try many dabbing devices.

We love being on the cusp of innovation and plan to always innovate … provided we like the change.   As you can see we have nothing but the upmost respect for You, our perceived competition and to all the market movers and community members who are making cannabis consumption accessible, acceptable and enjoyable… we thank you.  

We are more than happy to discuss design, points of differentiation and share what we flat out love most about our Shatterizers … and thanks in advance for your time.Please read our reviews about the Yocan Cerum Atomizer, the Yocan NYX, and the Yocan Magneto etc, I own all 3!

In fact, we would like to offer our Shatterizer customers the opportunity to purchase a Council of Vapor Mini Volt 40 Watt Battery ($49.95 retail) and get your choice of a free Yocan Cerum Atomizer or free Yocan NYX atomizer (valued at $24.95).  

You can read our blog reviews about the Yocan Cerum Atomizer here and the Yocan NYX Atomizer here, to figure out which one you’d prefer for free!