Shatterizer Hot Summer Tricks and Tips

Shatterizer Hot Summer Tricks and Tips

Planning to be on the move for a while and wanting to fill your Shatterizer with different cannabis concentrates strains and flavours through out the day? Simply preload and store your product in our convenient Shatterizer 5 Pack of Coils available in Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) or Ceramic (CTECH).  

Please try to keep your Shatterizer standing upright. If you can please keep her vertical in your purse or in your pocket with the aluminum silver or black version (no glass in your pockets please). This will ensure your cannabis concentrates remain on the depths of the coil for an immediate hit. Your Shatterizer is also magically magnetic.

Cannabis Concentrates tend to melt like sticky honey in any degree of warmth, so please try to keep your Shatterizer out of direct sunlight and always wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat!

Separate and tightly screw and seal your magnetic wax storage container and keep it in the fridge or freezer. This will ensure your contained product is firmer and more easily workable/loadable onto your CTECH or QDC Coils.  

Need to reload on the go, and didn’t bring your kit? Missing your Dab Stick? A Golf Tee (Congrats to Shatterizer Inventor who got a hole in one while on vacation), Paper Clip, Bobby Pin, Cocktail Straw, Coffee Stir Stick or Toothpick would work just fine!

Rest assure, if you are looking for discreet, therapeutic or celebratory cannabis concentrates consumption during that super family summer vacation (or girls weekend) to the cottage, up north or to the coast (read about our trip to Nova Scotia for Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana) … The Shatterizer is your perfect “to go” home or away option.

Whether you have a passion for shatter, rosin, resin, live, crumble, budder, wax, bubble hash or honey oil, the Shatterizer provides Perfect Clouds, everywhere and every time.

Happy Summer Shatterizing Vape Family.

We’d love to see your #PerfectClouds! Hashtag #Shatterizer and #PerfectClouds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with your best Shatterizing summer shots and we’d love to share! 

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